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William R. Wohlsifer, PA is a law firm that provides debt Collection services to individuals and businesses located in West Palm Beach, Florida and the greater West Palm Beach area. Our Collection Attorneys tenaciously strive to collect every unpaid liability that we accept in West Palm Beach.

Our law firm provides West Palm Beach, Florida, and the greater West Palm Beach area with dedicated Collection services. With over sixteen years of Collection experience, William R. Wohlsifer, PA provides Collection assistance throughout the State of Florida.

Most of our cases in West Palm Beach are handled on a contingency fee basis under which you will owe no amount for legal services rendered unless there is a monetary recovery. (The client remains responsible for out-of-pocket costs.) Hourly fee and flat fee arrangements are also available for our Collection services.

Our debt Collection Attorneys conduct independent research to draft a unique demand letter based on the particular facts of your case and the relevant laws. We never serve a standardized or boilerplate demand letter. Our demand letter will inform the defaulted party of the facts supporting your claim, provide notices required under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and make a certain demand for payment including a deadline upon which a lawsuit will be filed in West Palm Beach, Florida or other appropriate venue if the debt is not resolved.

UNLIKE A TYPICAL COLLECTION AGENCY, WE DO NOT TELEPHONE THE DEBTOR. IF OUR DEMAND LETTER DOES NOT SETTLE THE DEBT, WE PROMPTLY FILE A LAWSUIT. Whether the debtor continues to reside in West Palm Beach, Florida or has relocated elsewhere in Florida, our Collection Attorneys can perform a skip trace search to determine the debtor’s current whereabouts. Knowing that debtors tend to relocate to avoid their creditors, William R. Wohlsifer, PA is licensed to practice and does practice law statewide in all state and federal courts. In the event the Collection lawsuit is not settled and a money judgment is obtained, we continue our pursuit through judgment enforcement and execution of wage and bank account garnishments, attachment and levy of personal property and foreclosure on real property throughout West Palm Beach and the State of Florida.

For a small fee we will conduct comprehensive asset Collection searches and skip trace searches to locate real property, personal property (e.g., vehicles, boats) and business ownerships of the judgment debtor that may be attached to satisfy your unpaid money judgment in West Palm Beach, Florida. Additionally, Florida Collection law provides for mandatory disclosure by a judgment debtor to the judgment creditor of the debtor’s financial assets and liabilities through mandatory discovery. To learn more about our post-judgment Collection remedies visit our Post-Judgment Execution Page and Foreign Judgments Page.

We want to help you receive the money you are owed in West Palm Beach, Florida. Before writing off the next debt, consider outsourcing your delinquent accounts receivable and money judgments to William R. Wohlsifer, PA for Collection. Call or email us today for a free telephone or email Attorney consultation!

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