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Bill Wohlsifer, Esquire
Journal Publications

Britney Wotten, JD candidate 2017

Christopher Hill, JD candidate 2018

Dalton Gray, JD candidate 2017

Darryl Adams 2017 BS- I.T. 2017

Kathryn Joyner, RN 2018

Kathryn joined the William R Wohlsifer, PA team July 15th, 2015 as the account manager, and everyone’s favorite employee since she is in charge of writing the checks. Kathryn started her career path at Texas Christian College eventually transitioning into a nursing program at Kaiser University. She loves her job, her co-workers, and is either looking into continuing her nursing training, or possibly transitioning to a different field, such as accounting.

Kelsey Pincket, JD candidate 2017

Natalie Berezin, JD candidate 2017

Natalie Mousseau, JD candidate 2017

Steffi Tassos Wohlsifer, MS, MT-BC