Internet Law

Internet Law encompasses legal matters relating to the Internet, software, online transactions, electronic device usage, and technology. Sometimes referred to as Cyberlaw, Internet Law crosses over other areas of law such as trademark, copyright, product disparagement, defamation, infringement, cybercrime, and cyberstalking.

William R. Wohlsifer, PA represents businesses and individuals in Internet related infringement transactions. We represent intellectual property owners through prosecution of copyright and trademark infringement claims and also defend businesses and individuals against unwarranted claims of infringement, through cease and desist letters and takedown notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). In the event our out-of-court negotiations do not result in a resolution, we may then seek injunctive relief and money damages in a court of law on behalf of our client, whether plaintiff or defendant.

Edgewater discovers woes of Web sites, Daytona Beach News Journal (March 23, 2002) (article includes comments from an interview with Mr. Wohlsifer regarding the city’s website and federal anticybersquatting legislation.

At the Crossroads: Alumni, Technology and the Law – Visionary – William Wohlsifer >96 Cyberight (an interview), The Lawyer, Miami, FL (Fall 2000).

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