ALERT: We are now accepting representation on behalf of Internet subscribers in defense of cases filed by Strike 3 Holdings, LLC, in the Miami-Dade County Court. If you received notice of subpoena under a court order from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) you may contact us for a free consultation. Read more here: https://infringement-attorney.com/intellectual-property/bittorrent-law/ 

Contact William R. Wohlsifer, PA,  for a free consultation about our commercial debt recovery legal and copyright infringement services. We pursue debt recovery to the fullest extent of Florida civil law, including contempt of court, when appropriate. We invoke all reasonably available collection remedies to recover money due our clients, whether by wage garnishment, bank and brokerage account garnishment, levy and execution of personal property, foreclosure of real property, etc.

We are not a collection agency; we file lawsuits. Our law practice focuses on commercial debt collection practices for out-of-state creditors and plaintiffs in pursuit of collecting money due from Florida residents and Florida businesses. No recovery, no fee; client pays costs.

Meet Billy Wohlsifer, Esquire. Florida’s First Libertarian Candidate for Attorney General. Watch Billy during the 2014 Attorney General Debate!

Attorney Billy Wohlsifer is licensed to practice in all Florida state courts, Florida’s Northern, Middle and Southern District federal civil courts, Florida’s Northern,  Middle, and Southern District bankruptcy courts, the District of Columbia’s Superior Court and the D.C. Court of Appeals. Billy Wohlsifer is also registered as a Court Approved Mortgage Modification Mediator for the Florida Northern Bankruptcy Court, a DBPR certified Mediator for Homeowners’ Association disputes, and a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker.

Wohlsifer serves and has served as outside litigation counsel for NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) for the past 20 years, representing NASCAR as lead counsel in over 100 cases arising from breach of intellectual property licensing agreements.

Billy Wohlsifer, Esquire, humbly serves as a Mortgage Modification Mediator for the Northern District of Florida Bankruptcy Court in Chapter 13 cases.

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Read Mr. Wohlsifer’s  publication ““Certifying” Documents via Third-Party Software: Binding on the Court?” appearing in The Florida Bar Journal’s September/October, 2013 Volume 87, No. 8.

Watch Mr. Wohlsifer In Re: Libertarian Party of Florida, Inc., Case Number: FEC 12-410. Sixty-minute oral argument before the Florida Election Commission to reverse $70,000 fine against the LPF. (LPF argument starts at the 30 minute mark.)

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