#Blog: “My 1st day on the job for #TeamWohlsifer…” By David R. Davidson

10565150_10151935622537465_7106251684849053816_nTONIGHT is the 1st night of many on the job for #TeamWohlsifer and I am looking forward to it!

Bill Wohlsifer from what I have been able to learn from both word of mouth and cyber space is a decent, honorable, hard working Citizen of Florida. Giving of his time and consideration to those who need it most. A true representative of the law. He will go to Tallahassee with that in mind. Because if its not in line with the law, then its not in line with Bill.

I am excited for our future and excited that Bill Wohlsifer is willing to step up and turn the FLAG Office around for the better in the Sunshine State.

More later.

–David Davidson

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