Are Floridians getting a RAW deal with RAW MILK?

milkFlorida law states that…502.091 MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS WHICH MAY BE SOLD. (1) Only Grade A pasteurized milk and milk products or certified pasteurized milk shall be sold to the final consumer or to restaurants, soda fountains, grocery stores, or similar establishments.

With all the hype and buzz of the Medical Marijuana amendment this November there is more mundane restriction on personal liberty that I’d like to see removed and that is the raw milk prohibition.  Florida residents can purchase raw milk as “pet food” and can’t talk about how they purchase raw milk for their own consumption.  Milk has been consumed for hundreds if not thousands of years in its raw form and has numerous health benefits yet somehow not long ago the public was told that without pasteurization dairy products were “unsafe” and were forced to purchase cooked milk.  All the while we are “allowed” to consume raw oysters and totally free to consume other harmful substances that don’t need to be listed.

We have the right to purchase milk whether or not it is pasteurized or not and should have that right without having to circumvent a law.  The law that makes it harder for the consumer and sovereign citizens to exercise their liberty needs modification.

~Matthew Battista

Brevard County


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