Medical marijuana bills should be passed – March 5, 2015

Here is a letter to the editor, originally published by the Tallahassee Democrat in March of 2015. The link to the original article can be found here.

Medical marijuana bills should be passed

The Florida Medical Marijuana Act (SB 528) submitted by Sen. Jeff Brandes (R) will expand Florida’s medical marijuana program in a safe, responsible and respectful way, offering natural and safe alternatives for treatment of cancer, other diseases and pain management.

Medical marijuana is not a new fad or way of promoting cannabis use. Cannabis has been safely used in health care and industry for thousands of years. The State of Israel has a proven medicinal cannabis program in use by over 21,000 patients and managed by 21 medical doctors.

Representative Greg Steube (R) filed a “similar bill” in the House, HB 683, which contemplates a more restrictive patient access to medical cannabis and does not allow for any smokable form.

Florida now has less of a concern than ever before of its state medical cannabis laws running afoul of federal marijuana law. Because of the passage of SB 1030, now sections 381.986-7, Florida Statutes, Florida was included in the list of states subject to a federal prosecution exemption for having approved the use of medical marijuana within such state prior to the U.S. Congress’ vote on its 2015 appropriations bill.



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