New Campaign: Bud or Bud Treat Them The Same – August 11, 2015

This article was originally written by Nick Evans for WFSU here.

Floridians may have two marijuana initiatives on the 2016 ballot.  The organization Regulate Florida is pushing to legalize adult recreational use of the drug.

Outspoken personal injury lawyer John Morgan is bankrolling another attempt to bring medical marijuana to Florida through the ballot box.  Now Tallahassee attorney Bill Wohlsifer says the state should go even further.  He’s part of an organization called Regulate Florida, and it’s pushing to treat cannabis like alcohol.

“This will be a regulated product,” Wohlsifer says.  “So it will be safe it will be controlled in quantity, and it’s a national movement in this direction and we think the time’s right for Florida.”

The measure would allow adults over the age of 21 to purchase marijuana for recreational use.

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