Sabal Trail Pipeline Hearings

In November 2015, William R. Wohlsifer, PA, took on big fossil fuel and represented WWALS Watershed Coalition to prevent the issuance of an  Environmental Resource Permit and Easement on Sovereign Submerged Lands for a natural gas pipeline that would stretch half the length of Florida. This pipeline would be bigger than any pipeline previously permitted and would traverse geologically unstable lands, leading to sinkhole formation, erosion, and water contamination.

At the three-day hearing, Billy defended their client’s challenge to the pipeline against the Department of Environmental Protection and Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC.  Sabal Trail Transmission was represented by the firm Hopping Green & Sams, one of the largest environmental law firms in Florida. Billy questioned over 30 witnesses and were determined to establishing standing for their non-profit client, and to show that Sabal Trail did not provide the reasonable assurances necessary to show that a permit for this pipeline would be in the best interest of Floridian’s and the land, air and water that they rely on.

We are presently awaiting the Final Order from the Division to be issued on December 6, 2015. In the meantime, we are preparing in the event that this case goes to appeal to the First District Court of Appeal.

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