Wohlsifer Wonders Which Polls Are Right?

The Attorney General race in Florida has begun to receive growing attention, not just in the state, but nationally as well. The nationwide attention has made people wonder who is in the lead between the the three candidates, incumbent Pam Bondi (R), George Sheldon (D), or Bill Wohlsifer (LPF). According to polls from late April conducted by third party polling companies Gravis Marketing and Quinnipiac, Pam Bondi was in the lead by approx. 9 percentage points, while a poll made by Dean Political showed that nearly half the voters were undecided. A blind internal poll conducted by the Wohlsifer for Attorney General Campaign showed remarkably different results with Bondi not even garnering 20% of the vote, and had Wohlsifer in the lead with 67%. 

The third party polls, as well as the blind internal poll, showed that Floridians are in agreement when it comes to the proposed amendments on this years ballots. The medical marijuana amendment (amendment 2) is polling across the board with 88% approval rating, while amendment 1 is only receiving 58% of support, and thus will not pass with the needed 60% of votes. With the consistency in the anchor poll questions concerning the amendments the Wohlsifer for Attorney General campaign is asking; why the difference in candidate polling numbers, and why hasn’t there been a newer poll released? 

“Considering how accurate the anchor questions seem to be it’s hard to imagine a 60 point discrepancy in the AG race. The only recent poll we have seen was an online gubernatorial pole via channel 13 with surprising results. The fact Wohlsifer at first inclusion was first at 4%, then at 7% shows great improvement, I am anxious to prove what I know to be true and that [Wohlsifer] is polling in double digits. That, of course, would not be good news for the establishment. We will see if we get that opportunity.”  ~  Steve Edmonds, Wohlsifer Campaign Manager

The Wohlsifer internal poll was held online for over two weeks. It was advertised across the political spectrum and was administered blind. The poll received enough responders in order to be considered a viable sample. The results follow:

If the Election were held today, who would you vote for

Scott                                 7%

Crist                                42%

Wyllie                              51%


 If the Election were held today, who would you vote for

Bondi                              17%

Sheldon                          15

Wohlsifer                        67%

Amendment 1 – (60% needed to pass)

YES                                58%

NO                                  42%

Amendment 2 –

YES                                88

NO                                  12%

Matt Wright is a writer and political activist living in south Florida. He has a BS in communications and is currently working for the Bill Wohlsifer for Attorney General campaign. To hear more from Matt you can follow him on Twitter at @mrwright79 or Like him on Facebook.

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