If you are going to vote yes on Amendment 2 – You need to vote Wohlsifer for AG, and this is why:






I am the only candidate for Attorney General in Florida that can be trusted to implement the will of the people when it comes time to create policy and law for the rollout of medical marijuana in Florida after Amendment 2 passes. Be careful! Amendment 2 leaves it to the bureaucrats and politicians to frame the law to implement the anticipated Constitutional mandate. The will of the people could easily be destroyed by allowing as little as one entity the right to marijuana cultivation, processing and sale to a single statewide entity; a political insider crony. It could even result in availability in nothing but a pill form brought to you by Big Pharma.

Amendment 2 itself does not allow for homegrown marijuana or even for smoking to medicate. In fact, the word “smoke” is not included in the proposed Amendment, at all, but for a single reference that, “Nothing in this section shall require any accommodation of any on-site medical use of marijuana in any place of education or employment, or of smoking medical marijuana in any public place.”

When I authored the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act I did so with the intention of real patient care, including homegrown, legal possession of up to 16 plants, waiver of confiscation and forfeiture laws, implementation through licensing fees, no out of state imports, no specified excise taxes, no requirement for a caregiver for ages 18 and older and no caregiver requirement for emancipated minors or married Floridians under age 18.

Here’s the thing, after the Amendment is passed, you, the voter, are out of the planning stage. The lawmakers, agency directors, bureaucrats, rule-promulgators, and law enforcement will take it from there. The state officers will turn to the Florida Attorney General for official legal opinions on questions of implementation of law, creation of new fiscal markets, consumer protections, retailer protections, physician defenses, driver impairment disparities, how to navigate around federal law, and more. The legal opinions of Florida’s next Attorney General will significantly impact the rollout of medical marijuana in Florida. Caution: Our incumbent Attorney General’s understanding of the marijuana culture is about equal to that of Bill O’Reilly’s.

While I, Bill Wohlsifer was drafting and lobbying for medical marijuana law in Florida, Democratic candidate for Florida Attorney General, George Sheldon, was serving (2011-2013) as Assistant Secretary to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. George resigned after the unprecedented failed rollout of the Affordable Care Act and his former boss, Sec. Sebeilus, resigned on April 11, 2014. You, the people, worked too hard on getting medical marijuana on the ballot. Indeed, if the Republican led legislature did not bury the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act in committee in 2013, we would not even have had the need for a ballot initiative. We have come too far to trust any other candidate with the rollout of Amendment 2. WHEN YOU VOTE YES ON AMENDMENT 2, VOTE WOHLSIFER FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL.

Do not let George Sheldon rollout medical marijuana law in Florida. Do not let Pam Bondi chill it and kill it. Elect me, Bill Wohlsifer, to be your next Attorney General. I pledge to implement compassionate medicinal access to marijuana, open market competition for this new and vibrant industry, removal of industrial hemp from Florida’s controlled substance list. And, under my proposed Inmate Release of Clemency (IROC) plan, I pledge to restore liberty through clemency and to release and reunite with their families, inmates serving time for non-violent, victimless marijuana possession. WHEN YOU VOTE YES ON AMENDMENT 2, VOTE WOHLSIFER FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL.


By, Bill Wohlsifer, Florida’s first Libertarian candidate for Attorney General

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