Wohlsifer Hits a Home Run with a Plan to Pay for Water Fixes


AG Candidate Bill Wohlsifer pitches hemp4water.com

Tallahassee FL, April 14, 2014:  Bill Wohlsifer, candidate for Attorney General, is surprising many with a plan to pay for fixing Florida’s long list of water related woes.  They are extensive and range from restoration, preservation, and utilization of ground and storm water resources.  Although no one can truly know the final bottom-line cost, many agree that a $30-$50 billion range would be able to fund the improvements that would reverse the designs that apparently did not regard water as a resource.  Florida’s plumbing was designed to collect and move billions of gallons of water per rain event and that is exactly what it does.  This creates a situation where water does not remain where it should and ends up where it shouldn’t.  For example, Central Florida is experiencing all sorts of symptoms attributed to drought.  The most disturbing are the sinkholes.  This is a result of rainwater being diverted and shunted away from natural recharge zones or retention in natural ponds and lakes throughout the region.  We instead shunt everything to Kissimmee ditch (River).  It then maximizes Lake Okeechobee’s capacity and we flush billions of gallons a day through fragile estuaries killing a 3.7 billion dollar economic industry.  That’s just one of many examples of infrastructure that requires fixing which takes money.  There are many including the Everglades and Springs requiring attention.  The age old question is “How are you going to pay for it.”  Observing the lead from One Florida Foundation, Bill Wohlsifer a long time advocate of ending hemp prohibition knew he could do something on his first opening day and started formulating his game plan. http://www.hemp4water.com

“One of my first acts in office will be to de-schedule Industrial Hemp.


~ Bill Wohlsifer, Candidate for Attorney General


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