Mortgage Modification Mediation

The Northern District of Florida Bankruptcy Court recently established a Mortgage Modification Mediation program in bankruptcy cases. Mr. Wohlsifer is available in Tallahassee, the panhandle and throughout the Northern District to serve as your court-approved mortgage modification mediator.

The Mortgage Modification Mediation program began in Florida’s Middle District Bankruptcy Court in June 2010. It was implemented in the Southern District Bankruptcy Court in April 2013 and became effective in the Northern District Bankruptcy Court on June 1, 2013. The process has successfully kept debtors in their homes with an affordable payment, while simultaneously allowing the loan to continue to perform for the benefit of the creditors. In the Middle District, the settlement rate was 73% in 2012 and is 86% thus far in 2013 (a huge success compared to the 4% success rate in Florida state court mortgage modification mediation). Mr. Wohlsifer is optimistic that similar results will be accomplished in Florida’s Northern District.

Judge Karen K. Specie has approved that appearances may be made in-person, by telephone, or via video conferencing for the convenience of all parties. Our office can accommodate all means of appearances. You may CLICK HERE to begin the scheduling process.

The Mediator’s fee is set by the Court at $500 ($250 per party) for two one-hour mediation sessions. There is no charge for Mr. Wohlsifer’s time coordinating the mediation session on the DMM portal, nor for reviewing any pre-mediation material submitted. Cancellation fees are also governed by the Bankruptcy Court. A cancellation is considered timely if it is received by the mediator and all parties no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled mediation date. Mortgage Modification Mediation is conducted in accordance with Chapter 44, Florida Statutes, and Northern District Local Rule 16.3. The mediation process is subject to confidentiality.

See our Fee Schedule Page for further detail.

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