Florida Attorney General candidate supports medical marijuana, but not this bill

“There is no rational basis for such an unprecedented requirement of three decades in the cultivation business to grow a simple grass. This is a blatant attempt to stifle free market competition in what is soon be the fastest growing industry in Florida,” Wohlsifer claims. “Crony capitalism is at work in the Sunshine State. The handful of nurseries that will be the only entities allowed to participate in growing this low-level THC strain of cannabis will be purposefully positioned with the first-mover advantage to corner the marijuana cultivation, processing and distribution markets when Amendment 2 passes in November, which will mandate the growth of large assortment of cannabis sativa plants. Clearly, this bill, which was championed under the guise of helping the children, is a really a power-play at the market share for Florida’s future marijuana and industrial hemp businesses,” said Wohlsifer. There is no other logical explanation; surely, we do not need to demonstrate the ability to harvest two million plants to create an oil to drop under the tongues of 125,000 children.”



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