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William R. Wohlsifer, PLLC, is a law firm that provides commercial debt collection representing businesses located throughout the United States against debtors that live or work in Florida. We only practice business litigation. That is business-against-business, business-against-person, and person-against-business collection cases. We do not accept person-against-person cases. As your debt collection attorney we tenaciously strive to collect every unpaid liability that we accept in Florida. Our successes are the result of not giving up on the hard cases.

Our law firm will assist you statewide in Florida, with over twenty-three years of debt collection experience. , William R. Wohlsifer, PLLC, provides collection assistance throughout the State of Florida .

Most of our cases in Florida are handled on a contingency fee basis under which the creditor will owe no amount for legal services rendered unless and until there is a monetary recovery. (The client remains responsible only for pre-approved out-of-pocket costs.) Hourly fee and flat fee arrangements are also available for our debt collection services. To assist in your decision of whether to enter into a contingent fee, flat fee, or hourly fee agreement, please visit the following Page on this website: https://infringement-attorney.com/debt-collection/contingent-fee-vs-hourly-fee/

Our debt collection process begins by conducting independent research. This generally includes a search of the bankruptcy court databases to be sure your debtor has not filed for bankruptcy protection, a judgment lien search to see if and how many creditors may be in front of us, and a sp trace search to confirm whether your continues to reside in Florida. This phase is usually followed by the drafting and service of  comprehensive demand packet that is uniquely tailored to the relevant law and facts of the collection matter.

We never serve a standardized or boilerplate demand letter. Our demand letter will inform the defaulted party of the facts supporting your claim, provide notices required under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and make a certain demand for payment including a deadline upon which a lawsuit will be filed in Florida if the debt is not promptly resolved.


Knowing that debtors tend to relocate and change their business name to avoid their creditors, Mr. Wohlsifer is licensed to practice debt collection law statewide in the state courts of all 67 counties, in all 3 of Florida’s federal district courts, and in all 3 of Florida’s bankruptcy court districts. In the event the lawsuit results in an unsatisfied money judgment, we continue our collection pursuit through post-judgment remedies including wage garnishments, bank account garnishments, attachment and levy of personal property, and foreclosure on real property until the debt is satisfied.

Within the Final Judgment entered by the court we usually include a court order for mandatory disclosure on the part of the judgment debtor of their finances, personal assets and liabilities. For a pre-approved fee we may conduct comprehensive asset search to locate real property (e.g., homes and land), personal property (e.g., vehicles and boats), business ownership interests held by the judgment debtor (e.g., shares and equity), brokerage account searches (e.g., stocks and bonds), bank account searches (e.g., checking and savings) and other third-party discovery through our association with private investigators. Additionally, we may serve interrogatories in aid of execution and conduct a post-judgment depositions of the debtor and the debtor’s spouse. The purpose of such discovery it to lead to the identification of assets in Florida that may be attached and sold to satisfy your unpaid money judgment.

To learn more about our post-judgment commercial debt collection remedies visit our Post-Judgment Execution Page and Foreign Judgments Page.

We want to help you receive the money you are owed in Florida. Before writing off the next debt, consider outsourcing your delinquent commercial accounts receivables or money judgments to William R. Wohlsifer, PLLC, for collection. Call or email us today for a free telephone or email consultation!

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